The Intelligence in Transitions

Of the many yoga creations abound, there are a number that have predetermined forms that are designed a specific way and are only taught in said fashion.  A reason being that it is believed a particular aim will be reached only by the exact replication of  the form.  Perhaps there is some truth to this,Continue reading “The Intelligence in Transitions”

The Buddha’s Path in Eight Folds

It is said that Siddhartha Gautama was born into royalty in 560 BCE in what is now present day Nepal.  His father Suddhodana, was a king who ruled the Sakya clan.  Living as a prince, Siddhartha was sheltered from the unpleasant realities of the outside world.  As a teenager he wed a young girl namedContinue reading “The Buddha’s Path in Eight Folds”

Meditation and the Squirrel

I wake one morning and draw the blinds to view a murky storm blowing above the pine tree that sways outside my bedroom window.  The weather feels like a reflection of the thoughts that begin to rapidly roll inside my consciousness – only minutes after opening my eyes from sleep.  Fortunately, following several years IContinue reading “Meditation and the Squirrel”

Am I Going to Burn Any Calories?

Years ago I substitute taught a yoga class for a very aggressive teacher, who besides a having a dominating style, actually instructed well and had a regular following.  This teacher was well known for a harsh and loud delivery of directions and for a brutal hands on approach with students.  I had taken a fewContinue reading “Am I Going to Burn Any Calories?”

The Detective’s Secret

Bam BANg!  Bam BANg!  Bam BANg!  “Man, he’s gonna knock that thing right off the chain,”  I said to myself while watching a student rhythmically pummel a heavy punching bag before yoga class.  Previously he was running on a tread mill for about ten minutes and this probably after lifting weights for an hour orContinue reading “The Detective’s Secret”