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Yoga, meditation and community might seem like separate things, but they are actually one in the same. Some marketing and advertising savvy have diluted and weakened these deep and multi-layered traditional pathways, into a salable sexy social media image, sometimes using goats, beer, pop music or materialism etc. If you are one who is aligned with the original intentions of these pathways, you know a seasoned meditator can be called a ‘yogi,’ an honest yoga is meditative,  and an association with others (who are aware of this) makes life more manageable.

Are you looking to travel on a pathway, full of practices, experiments and disciplines designed to help you ‘wake up?’ Are you searching for guidance around how to do so? A private session or mentorship might help. We will discuss what is workable for you. We will explore theories and applications from myriad body-mind practices. We will customize session(s) to meet you as you are & where you are. We will also focus on specific conditions, interests and aims.

Tripod Headstand w/ (ret.) US Special Forces Sargent – 2014 (pic by footstomp)
Daniel & Monika on Playa Guiones, CR 2oo3
Sunset on Playa Guiones, Nosara, CR w/ Monika 2003
Stephene, Bernie and Reema study then discuss 2014
Amrita Dharma Om and El Pelon sit in Grosvenor Park, MD 2011

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