Community Yoga Classes in Rock Creek Park

by the grassy fields just south of the Fitzgerald Tennis Center / Carter Barron

Saturdays 11:00am – 12:15pm

Dates: [rescheduling in process]

Get the kinks out, release stress in your body, Breathe better + improve your mood!

In these open air classes you’ll move your body (and all it’s parts) ergonomically, practically, safely & soundly. In each session you will also apply techniques of pranayama (respiration cultivation) and dhyana (meditation). Taught by Daniel Hickman (yoga guy at WRNMMC).

These classes are open to all peoples, abilities and experiences. We are not trying to shove the square peg into the round hole – with respect for our bodies and selves, ae will move, stretch, flex and breathe… We will do so with sensitivity, purpose and usefulness. We will apply yoga as a way to ‘assess and address’ our physical and mental layers, and ‘tune up’ the parts that need it.

*All classes are by donation. or

Any questions, please get in touch: