shadi, maddie, laura, reagan, tatsuya & david sitting in meditaiton
Satsanga ~ Saturday November 18 ~ 2pm – 4pm
at Common Ground Healing Arts
233 4th St NW, Suite 219
Charlottesville, VA. 22903

Celebrate community with meditation, chants, sharing stories and breaking bread.  Please bring a dish or some other food to share.

Satsanga is a yogic gathering to enjoy the company of like minded people who promote an environment of virtuous living. It is a time where individuals come together to chant, converse and listen in the spirit of awareness. It is an excellent part of one’s sadhana (practice) as it provides the time and space to move deeper onto one’s path. Sat can be interpreted as ‘divine,’ ‘truth’ or ‘absolute existence.’ Sanga can be interpreted as ‘to join,’ ‘gathering,’ ‘community’ or ‘association.’

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Meditation  Yoga & Art
Daniel Hickman, Tatsuya Morisaki, Shadi Moayedi & David Miller
Green Sulphur Springs, WV
December 1 – 3, 2017
Sliding Scale $295.
Guided vipassana, multidisciplinary yogasana, experiential art, vision board creating, nature hikes and delicious veggie meals. Shared lodging in cabins or tent camping/bivouac on the land. We’ll have a bonfire and generally gracious vibes…