About Daniel Hickman

2007 in Tibet.

My background is in sitting meditation, eastern wellness, traditional rock climbing, physical theater and athletics. I trained in raja yoga from monastics. I study the dhamma with lay people in sangha. I am a big fan of the tao…

There are many ways to ‘do’ yoga, there is no ‘right’ way. I think it is really about your being, behavior, relationships, style of life and awareness of it all. I say to look into all the different practices that are available. By way of direct experience your insight and understanding will sharpen. I encourage you to be curious and discerning along your path of self-realization. Focus on the teachings, not the teacher.

I created the Multidisciplinary Yoga Training from my experience of working with various cultures. I work with people with unique conditions.

Headstanding with a US Marine Combat Veteran amputee at WRNMMC.
Headstands with a US Marine Combat Veteran Amputee. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – Military Advanced Training Center.

Yoga therapy for US Military patients with chronic low back pain.
Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management.
Restorative yoga for African American Breast Cancer Survivors.  
Howard University / Cancer Center.
Restorative Yoga for African American Survivors of Breast Cancer at Howard University Cancer Center/Hospital.
Meditation, qi gong & yoga for recovering homeless people living in permanent supportive housing.
Friendship Place /La Casa
Restorative Yoga for active US Combat Veterans with PTSD.
National Intrepid Center of Excellence.
I was on the board of the Yoga Service Council for a couple of years.

Past Life

Atop the Spearhead in RMNP 2016 – pic by Tatsuya.
Traditional rock climbing had been my ‘highest’ practice.
I learned the old fashioned way (my friend Matt taught me).
Pinnacle – Strawberry Jam 5.8 of Rocks State Park, Maryland.
I used to fell trees. Dangerously fun, yet taxing on the ol’ bod.
This was Xmas Day of 2015. It was 69 degrees fahrenheit. #climatechange
Natarajasana… early morning in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica.
When I worked at the Nosara Yoga Institute with Don & Amba.
Pic by Angie.
Over a decade as a performing artist. Here I am with my girlfriend at the time (she was always on my back).
Pic by: Tony Powell

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