Daniel Hickman


As Creator & Director of the Silk Road Sangha & Multidisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training, I encourage you to explore yogic practices, to focus on the teachings  (not the teacher) and trust you will walk your own road of self-actualization. I have over 30 years experience working with varieties of people, ages & stages of life – many with unique conditions or maladies.

I have gained most of my education, on meditation & yoga, from monastics.


Here are some vignettes from my pathway…

Adaptive yoga & meditation w/ US combat veteran amputees, their relatives, other patients and hospital staff at the Military Advanced Training Center (MATC) of the   Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).

WRNMMC Yoga-2.1
US Marine Combat Veteran Amputee in a tripod headstand aka srisasana.


One-on-one clinical yoga sessions w/ patients, to address the #1 malady in the US Military,  low back pain. Defense & Veteran’s Center for Integrative Pain Management. (DVCIPM)

Professional in purple.


Yoga intervention for effectiveness on African American breast cancer survivors.          The Howard University Cancer Center (HUCC)

Socializing in a yoga session.


 Yoga & relaxation for US veterans with PTSD – National Intrepid Center of Excellence. (NiCOE)

Supported savasana in the labyrinth.


Warrior Camp – Sitting meditation & Multidisciplinary Yoga, for US Combat Veterans with PTSD, working with EMDR psychotherapists and Equine Therapists.



Friendship Place /La Casa – Sitting meditation, qi gong and yogasana for a recovering homeless population living in permanent supportive housing.

Stillness in sukhasana aka ‘sweet pose’.


Yoga on the Rocks  – annual hike on Old Rag Mountain of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, USA.

Multicultural mountainside movement.


Yoga at Camp Mantz – annual get together for yoga, meditation & community surrounded by the flora & fauna in southern Maryland, USA.

Group pic!


I mentor with the IMCW.



In my spare time, I occasionally fell dead trees.

This pic was in December and it was 70 degrees…  #globalwarming  


My highest yoga is to rock climb & I learned the traditional way, from my friend (Matt).

Strawberry Jam Pillar - Rocks State Park, Maryland - September 2015
On the sharp end of the rope. Strawberry Jam pillar 5.8. Rocks State Park, Maryland.


My past life, as an artist-educator. I performed in multicultural & interactive presentations, with audiences of children at the: Barns of Wolf Trap, Imagination Stage, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The Smithsonian Institutions’s Discovery Theater. I also danced a little bit…

In the 90’s w/ my girlfriend  (she was always on my back) – pic by Tony Powell


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