Daniel Hickman

Atop the Spearhead in RMNP 2016 – pic by Tatsuya.

My background is in athletics, physical theater, eastern wellness, traditional rock climbing, movement and sitting meditation. I trained in raja yoga from monastics. I continue studies of the buddhadhamma with lay people in sangha. My tao is a multidisciplinary mix. My classes are for all kinds of people. l will meet you where you are! 

There is no ‘right’ way to ‘do’ yoga, there are many ways. Mostly, it’s about your being. This includes awareness, behavior, relations and ways to live. I say, look into all the different practices that are available. Through your direct experience your insight and understanding will sharpen. I encourage you to be curious and discerning along your path of self-realization. Focus on the teachings, not the teacher.

I created the Multidisciplinary Yoga Training from my experiences of learning and working with various cultures and communities. I share yoga and meditation with all people, many with unique conditions.

Inquiries ☛ danielofthesun@gmail.com

Adaptive Yoga with a US Marine Combat Veteran,
at the Military Advanced Training Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,
via the Exalted Warrior Foundation.

Yoga therapy service for active US Military patients with chronic low back pain.
Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management.

Restorative yoga for African American Breast Cancer Survivors.
Howard University / Cancer Center.

Meditation, qi gong & yoga for recovering homeless people living in permanent supportive housing.
Friendship Place /La Casa
Restorative Yoga for active US Combat Veterans with PTSD.
National Intrepid Center of Excellence.

I was on the board of the Yoga Service Council for a couple of years.

Nature is the Best Medicine

Traditional rock climbing has been my ‘highest’ spiritual practice.
I learned the old fashioned way (my friend Matt taught me).
Pinnacle – Strawberry Jam 5.8 of Rocks State Park, Maryland.

Past Life

I’ve felled a few trees in my time. Dangerously fun, yet taxing on the ol’ bod.
This was Xmas Day of 2015. It was 69 degrees fahrenheit. #climatechange

Natarajasana… early morning in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica.
When I worked at the Nosara Yoga Institute with Don & Amba.
Pic by Angie.

Over a decade as a performing artist.
Here I am with my girlfriend at the time (she was always on my back).
Pic by: Tony Powell

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