I encourage you to explore different practices, and focus on the teachings (not the teacher) to walk the road toward self-realization.

I have studied meditation & yoga from monastics, and have learned even more from direct experience w lay people in sangha (community).

I created the Multidisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training from over 30 years of study & exploration. I direct it at The Center for Mindful Living in the Tenleytown Neighborhood of NW Washington DC.

I work w people, who have unique conditions or maladies.

WRNMMC Yoga-2.1
Meditation and Adaptive Yoga for US Combat Veteran Amputees. Military Advanced Training Center. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Clinical yoga sessions for patients in US Military w low back pain. Defense & Veteran’s Center for Integrative Pain Management.

Friendship Place /La Casa – Meditation and yogasana for recovering homeless populations living in permanent supportive housing. 

Yoga at Camp Mantz – yoga, meditation & community in southern Maryland, USA.

I’ve felled a few dead trees. December 2015 and 69 degrees. #climatechange  
Strawberry Jam Pillar - Rocks State Park, Maryland - September 2015
Rock climbing is my highest yoga. I learned the traditional way from my good friend, Matt. Strawberry Jam pillar 5.8. Rocks State Park, Maryland.



Mellow yoga for US Military w PTSD. National Intrepid Center of Excellence.