The Intelligence in Transitions

Of the many yoga creations abound, there are a number that have predetermined forms that are designed a specific way and are only taught in said fashion.  A reason being that it is believed a particular aim will be reached only by the exact replication of  the form.  Perhaps there is some truth to this, yet what also is surprisingly revealing is that there is a profound intelligence, found outside of prescribed forms, that can be experienced in the very midst of ordinary transitions from any one position to any other position.

This might be evident from the moment after waking when you roll up from your bed and make your way out of it.  It can be experienced when placing on a shirt, or opening a door, even when picking up a bag or answering a phone.  The transition from static to dynamic and then back to static – has impetus, kinetic energy and a cessation.

When we become more aware of our body (the multiple systems inside it, how it moves and the styles in which to choose to move it) we can make choices in our movement.  These choices will let us experience and affect our strengths, limitations and to even discover unknown or hidden qualities within.  Mostly it depends on what an individual’s aims are in terms of their yoga.  Is it completion of a set form?  Once that is done, then what?  Move onto another form?  Continue to practice another’s idea?  Forms have validity, when practiced for years the repetition of the theme will produce a grounded effect.  Although, some movements over performed might produce injury, such as we find with carpal tunnel syndrome, as well they might provide little to no new information to the brain.  In the creation of new movement patterns there is the creation of new stimulus in the mind.

When we take the time to move in a way via the perspective of exploration, inquiry and discovery then the true wisdom of our uniqueness will reveal itself.  Anatomy and physiology, human structure and function, known movement vocabularies and myriad physical education are all tools to implement in exploring the harmony of the body-mind-Prana unit.  It is beneficial to learn a certain form as a foundation and then implement it as a stepping stone from which to move into an imaginative process of being with your self.

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